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As we continue to witness a dramatic increase in major environmental and human crisis, in intensity, occurrence, severity and complexity, the need for operational and coherent strategic approach becomes overwhelming. WE 2C will seek to catalyse action by public and private stakeholders to find responses and solutions to environmental problems of global significance for the benefit of people and the environment. Although we do focus on promoting the sound and safe management of waste and its minimisation, we will not be constrained by this if we become aware of other connected environmental issues that require prompt action.


Our daily lifes are more and more determined by the digital economy which has the effect to limit our autonomy and judgement. Life is under the power of algorithms in its totality. This trend represents a danger for the accomplishment of democracy and free spirit. Additionally, trade globalization has evolved hand in hand with the globalization of information and communication. Such globalization has triggered the phenomenom of “right-thinking” which is governed by the greatest number of clicks on the Internet, the evocative power of hashtag and by open discussion forum where everyone is welcome to share or provide an opinion. This has an effect on the translation of information where the communication of solid and reliable data could be modified by moral or ethical postures spread through the Web, the new agora. Through the globalization of media the accuracy, veracity or quality of information might be relegated to the confines of search engines. What matters is the reputation of the emitter which is quantified by the number of “likes” it gets as well as by the support given by its “followers”. We strongly believe that there is a clear need to improve the delivery of independant review, analysis or information at the international level to limit possible distortion on the Internet and guide the way media might translate digital communication into credible information.

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